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Dear reader,

The COVID crisis has granted me the gift of time, thought and in the end : insight. I spent a lot of time meditating and reflecting on my life, music is a very big part of that life, but I also figured out that it is just a part of me, it's not the only thing I 'am'.

I realised that I was being distracted immensely by social media amongst others, so I decided to delete my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. When I started more than 10 years ago, these channels simply didn't exist. Myspace was around, but even that channel was heavily music focused, not so much on networking, gaining likes and approval from thousands of people. 

The biggest satisfaction I get out of doing this music thing is from playing, looking the people in front of me in their eyes and seeing they're having a good time. All these so called 'social' media were distracting me too much and I couldn't help seeing myself as a huge hypocrite for getting sucked into the commercial marketing machine but claiming to be in it for the music at the same time. Committing professional marketing suicide couldn't mean less for me at this point and not spending all that time sketching an image on these channels, searching for thousands of people's likes and approval feels LIBERATING.

Therefore, if you are reading this and found your way through what will become my principal channel (this website), thank you. I will post regular - relevant - updates of what I am doing musically here. I will keep sharing sounds and images that matter muscially, no cats on synthesizers photos or meaningless marketing bullshit. So stay in touch, drop me a line in the contact form or through e-mail, and first and foremost: I hope to see you soon in the REAL world, to make a true social connection on the dancefloor - in the end, that's what makes us happy, that's what makes us feel real and alive.

- WJ - 

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