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Belgium based deejay who lives to read and move dancefloors using skills and a musical library built up over years of passionate track hunting.

Played at: I Love Techno, Kompass, Tomorrowland, Maanrock, Nature One, City Parade, Laundry Day, 10 Days Off, Untz Untz, Liberty White (residency), Hertz (residency), Fuse, Ampere, Wir Tanzen, Where House, Technomite, Club Vaag, Petrol, Lagoa, Decadance, Area 51, Pro-Jekt, ...

Current residencies: Cloud9 (Mechelen), Onraad (Antwerp)


Use this form to contact me for bookings or just to say hello :)


Dear reader,

Recently I realised that social media was distracting me and was even making me unhappy at times, so I decided to delete my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The biggest satisfaction I get out of doing this music thing is from playing, looking the people in front of me in their eyes and seeing them having a good time. Some people said I was committing professional suicide and that being a deejay meant that social media were a must. At this point, I couldn't care less, after more than a year without them I feel truly liberated.

Therefore, if you are reading this and found your way here , thank you. I will post regular - relevant - updates of what I am doing musically here. I will keep sharing sounds and images that matter muscially through Soundcloud and Youtube, no cats on synthesizers photos or meaningless marketing BS

So stay in touch, drop me a line in the contact form or through e-mail, and first and foremost: I hope to see you soon in the REAL world, to make a true social connection on the dancefloor - in the end, that's what makes us happy, that's what makes us feel real, human and alive.

Sept 2021 - WJ

Latest set recording